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Spoon Asian Fusion Food



Spoon Asian Fusion Food

Spoon the Asian fusion experience to VCU And RVA. Join us and experiment to adapt with new flavors and cuisines. Take your taste buds on a tour and start your Asian street food journey today. 

Asian food is about more than just the cuisine. It is an experience and we hope you learn something new and enjoy a feeling that you have stepped out of Richmond and right into the busiest street food district in Asian.


Fresh Every Day!

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Mon: 11am -9:30 pm

Tue: Closed

Wed-Sat: 11am -9:30 pm

Sun: 12 pm -9:00 pm      



903 W Grace Street, Richmond, VA 23220

Phone: 804-525-5062


How to order

Spoon Asian Fusion Food

1. Start with Rice or Noodle

2. Pick One of Your Favorite Sauce

3. Choose Your Protein and Toppings




Curry puffs (3)  Chicken, onion, potato, and yellow curry powder wrapped with crispy pastry served with sweet and sour sauce. $6.50

Thai Crab cake (5)  Fresh crab, shrimp and chicken wrapped with Thai bean curd served with sweet and sour sauce. $6.50


 Fresh rolls (2) $6.50

Chicken Wings (5) $6.50

Banh Mi (Pork or Chicken) $6.50

Gua Bao (2) $6.50

Pork Bun (2) $5.50

Pot sticker (4) $6.50


Shrimp tempura(4) $6.50

Fried Tofu (6) $5.50

Egg rolls (3) $4.50

French fried $4.50

Sweet potato $4.50

Edamame $4.50

Crab Rangoon $6.50



Miso soup          $4.50

Egg drop soup  $4.50

Tom yum soup  $4.50



Sea weed salad   $5.50

House salad         $4.50

Bowl of Rice 

Unagi Don $14.50 *
Unagi served with jasmine rice on top of ginger, wasabi, carrot+radish, black white sesame and lettuce on top of spoon yum sauce.

Bulgogi $12.50
Rib eye beef marinated and aged with a homemade sauce stir fried with onion on top of sesame served with jasmine rice.


Spoon fried rice. $10.50
Stir fried rice with choice of meat, egg, brown sauce, onion, carrot.

Pad Ka Pow (Stir fried basil) $10.50 xxx
Stir fried basil with choice of meat, basil, onion, jalapeño served with jasmine rice.


Asian Chicken $10.50 * xx
Crispy chicken breast with homemade garlic, sweet chili sauce. Served with Jasmine rice.


Egg fried rice / BBQ Chicken $10.50
Stir-Fried rice with eggs and brown sauce sever with BBQ chicken.


Peanut Favor $10.50
Stir-fried crispy tofu with peanut sauce serve with white rice on top fried garlic and white onion.

Bowl of Noodles


Curry Lover $11.50
Lo mein noodle served with curry broth on top of shrimp tempura, boiled egg, bean sprout, white onion and cilantro.

Ramen (Roasted pork belly or Shrimp tempura) $12.50
Ramen noodle with Japanese style broth on top of boiled egg, sweet corn, bean sprout and scallions.

Korean Street Ramen $10.50 xxxxx
Stir-fried Ramen noodle with hot sauce (mania) on top with boiled egg, bean sprouts, jalapeño, cilantro and sesame.


Lo Mein Pad Thai $11.50
Stir fried Lo mein noodle Thai style with Pad Thai sauce, chicken, bean sprout and ground peanut.


Thin rice noodle Pad Thai $10.50 *
Stir fried Lo mein noodle Thai style with Pad Thai sauce, chicken, bean sprout and ground peanut.


Spoon Bowl $11.50*xx
Thin rice noodle with spoon XO sauce served with chicken, bean sprout, fried garlic, ground peanut, cilantro and crispy wonton.


Pho $10.50
Thin rice noodle served with beef broth, beef slide, beef stewed and Asian meat ball, on top of white onion, bean sprout, jalapeño, basil and cilantro.


Tom Yum noodle soup $10.50
Thin rice noodle with tom yum broth, choice of meat, bean sprout, cilantro.

How to order

1 start with Rice or Noodle - start with a bowl

2 Pick one of your favorite sauce - choose a sauce

3 Protein - pick a protein    

4 Toppings - choose as many as you like

Spoon homemade salad bowl 9.50

Bowl of Rice 

Jasmine rice 10.50                                                   

Brown rice    11.50  


Spoon XO Sauce/ *                                                   

The XO sauce is the secret sauce.                        

Amazing test                                                             

Spicy Black Pepper                                                    

Brown Sauce with black pepper                                 

and fried garlic 


Curry Lava/                                                                

Asian coconut with homemade                                    

curry paste stir-fried with egg lava                        

Peanut Sauce                                                            

Tasty of delicious curry paste with coconut       

milk, sugar, and ground peanuts.                         

Spoon Yum Sauce/                                                  

Adapt Japanese yum yum sauce with                   

Fresh garlic, sesame, and chili sauce.                 

juice, and evaporated milk / spicy

Bowl of Noodles


Thin rice Noodle 10.50

Lo main Noodle  11.50

Spoon XO Sauce/*

The XO sauce is the secret sauce.

Amazing test

Pad Thai Sauce

Three flavors of pad thai sauce 

palm sugar, and tamarin    


Curry Broth/

Asian coconut with homemade        

curry paste 


Peanut Sauce

Tasty of delicious curry paste with coconut

milk, sugar, and ground peanuts. 

Tom Yum Broth /*

Chicken broth and Thai herb    

Flavored with salt, lime juice



Grilled Chicken    


Grilled Pork





Bean sprouts            Fried garlic     

White onion               Lettuce 

Carrots+ Radish        Meat Ball (1.25)

Cucumber                  Crab Stick (1.25)

Cilantro                      Crispy wonton (1.25)   


Jalapeno wedge       Boiled egg (1.25)

Lime wedge               Fresh basil

Ground peanut 


Sticky rice with mango $5.50

Drink + Milk Tea


Taro Milk Tea with Boba $ 4.00


Thai Pink milk                  $4.00

Milk tea with Boba           $4.00

Green Tea with Boba       $4.00

Mocha coco                      $4.00


Thai Tea with Boba          $4.00



Address: 903 W Grace Street, Richmond, VA 23220

Phone: 804-525-5062

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